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This is a short introduction / temporary page to act as a placeholder in lieu of a proper web site for this project. The following is taken directly from my project proposal to SourceForge.net.

Project Description

JFCMS is a content mangagement system designed with flexibility and modularity in mind and uses PHP, MySQL and XML templates to allow easily customisable layouts for anything from a single-user blog to a community-based collaborative writing site.

Registration Description


JFCMS is my answer to the problem of creating content-managed web sites. While creating my own various web sites and also others I have stuck with the PHP/MySQL formula and modified the code I already have written to fit the specific projects needs. This has resulted in many headaches and a very poorly maintained code base which suffers from a 'tape and glue' problem of just making things work without being specifically designed properly. I need something designed around my own needs but able to be easily modified by myself or anyone else to fit the needs of other projects needing a CMS to be used for any web design.

I want to apply the software engineering principles I have studied at school to design a reusable system that can benefit myself and others. JFCMS is my idea of what a CMS should be: easy to use, heavily customisable, built around templates, and not suffer the monotone look that template-based web sites often have. I would compare this philosophy to the idea behind the Enlightenment window manager; where if you want to make your desktop look like a specific graphic, the tools are provided for you to do so (without having to modify the source code): total control.




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If you should wish to contact me, please do so through my SourceForge.net user page.

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